The Practice Series from McGraw-Hill

Practice is a series of 3D multiplayer learning games from McGraw-Hill Education. Designed with subject matter experts, these products integrate with core curriculum to deliver immersive learning experiences and rich assessment capabilities. Practice titles also work with McGraw-Hill Connect®, a digital teaching and learning environment.

Practice Medical Office places students in a job where they must apply critical thinking, sound decision-making, and professionalism to successfully complete the program. Students learn to multitask under pressure while they face a variety of patient and co-worker situations. Practice Medical Office gives students continuous feedback and offers suggestions for improving the soft skills crucial to a successful career in the health professions.

Practice Medical Office

In Practice Spanish: Study Abroad, students hone beginning Spanish language skills while exploring a fictional Colombian town. A full Spanish curriculum underpins the characters, situations, and scenery in this program. Practice Spanish includes mobile apps that help students build the vocabulary and grammar skills needed to complete the quests.

Practice Spanish Study Abroad

Practice Marketing offers a unique way to learn and apply the 4P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. Students take on the role of a marketing manager tasked with creating and launching a new product. Students segment the market and compete with other students or AI characters. Many students have referred to Practice Marketing as a virtual internship.

Practice Marketing

In Practice Operations, students play the owner of a clothing manufacturing and distribution company where they must make strategic decisions and operate their growing virtual business at a profit. Students bid for contracts, source raw materials like cotton and denim, buy and set up machines to cut, sew, and produce different kinds of apparel, and deliver finished goods to their customers. Students learn and practice each of these skills while working their way up to managing the entire operation.

Practice Operations

Students play Practice Government as members of Congress. They learn how government works by introducing legislation in Washington, D.C. while helping constituents in their local districts. They raise money, hire and fire staff, form alliances, and give stump speeches. Every action students take earns or spends their political capital in the form of Influence, Awareness, and Approval. As in real life, students must learn to work together to achieve success and be re-elected every two years.

Practice Government