"The more I play it the better I understand
how the government works."
"Perfect for all students in a government class"
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What is Government in Action

Government in Action (GinA) is an online multiplayer game where you role play a member of Congress as a way of exploring American Government. Your goal is to maximize your Political Capital while balancing the need to achieve re-election every 2 years.

Government in Action allows students to explore the real-world challenges and day-to-day experiences of a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Students compete and collaborate with classmates to obtain political capital by developing and passing legislation and strategizing political moves, such as seeking co-sponsorship of a bill from a member of the competing party, or launching a national media campaign. Players have limited resources to spend, so cooperation with other students is crucial to finding success in the game.

Join the Government in Action group in the Connect Community for additional resources and to chat with or play against other instructors.

Accessible online through McGraw-Hill Connect or directly through www.mhpractice.com, Government in Action is available to students taking the American Government course at participating institutions.