Practice Spanish: Study Abroad

What is Practice Spanish: Study Abroad?

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The Practice Series has won numerous awards including the Serious Games Showcase Awards, and the Serious Play Awards.

Practice Spanish: Study Abroad provides you with real-world language practice, just like an actual study abroad trip, allowing you to explore the Spanish language in real-world cultural settings while having fun using your developing language skills to complete practical, day-to-day activities. You might be challenged to find your classes on campus, plan weekend excursions, buy souvenirs, interact with your fictional host family, and possibly seek medical attention to assist a fellow classmate.

You will design and personalize your own avatar, and you will interact with other non-player characters like fellow classmates and your host family. Each Quest or real-world task is preceded by Mini-games, which provide you practice on the necessary vocabulary and grammar to earn points and rewards and complete the quest. As you play, you navigate through the story making key decisions along the way; enabling you to discover the most efficient and fun way to complete each task. Your performance will be measured by your ability to successfully complete the tasks while also maximizing your avatar’s achievement across four key variables: money, time spent, well-being, and language mastery. You can play the game as often as you like- exploring different parts of the city and meeting new people along the way.

Practice Spanish: Study Abroad will be accessible online through McGraw-Hill Connect or directly through Practice Spanish: Study Abroad will be available to students taking the Introductory Spanish course at participating institutions or can be played independently in self-study mode.


With the phone app you can play fun, quick Mini-games to build your skills for the Quests. (Quests require PC, Mac or tablet.).

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