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What is Practice Operations?

Practice Operations is a learning resource that brings operations management to life, while reinforcing key concepts in a way that promotes critical thinking and strategic decision making. Practice Operations is a 3D, interactive, game-based simulation that allows students to manage operations of a clothing manufacturing and distribution company.

In Practice Operations, players assume the role of an Operations Manager in a company that manufactures clothing products for clients. Players are in charge of placing bids for contracts, managing physical and human resources, ordering raw materials, turning them into refined clothing, and shipping the final products to the client. The game is set up in a number of focused modules that deal with the issues of production process, capacity, supply chain, JIT, labor management, order fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and quality control.

Practice Operations will be accessible online through McGraw-Hill Connect or directly through www.mhpractice.com. Practice Operations will be available to students taking the Operations Management course at participating institutions.