"I love the idea of an avatar since it makes you feel more part of the game."
"I think that games such as these could be highly motivating for students."
"It takes their learning beyond the classroom environment."
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them to study without realizing they are studying."
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What is Practice Spanish: Study Abroad?

Practice Spanish: Study Abroad is your ticket to virtually study abroad! Practice your developing language skills while exploring day-to-day life in a fictional Colombian town, completing a series of objectives within each of thirteen Quests, and solving intriguing mysteries along the way.

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Prior to entering each Quest, you can prepare yourself via related Mini-games, simple games playable on smartphones, tablets, and laptops for easy access. The Mini-games will help you master the relevant vocabulary and grammar needed to successfully complete the objectives within each Quest. For example, you’ll prepare to solve a museum robbery by working through a Mini-game on the preterite (past) tense of regular and irregular verbs—once mastered, this skill will help you investigate anything that happened in the past.

The Quests will take you through a variety of realistic experiences in your host city of Quyé. When you arrive at Quest 1 with your personalized avatar, you’ll learn how to navigate around the plaza, find something to eat, buy a gift for a friend, and eventually meet up with the study abroad coordinator—all typical experiences for a student abroad. But there is often a thrilling twist to each story—how can you help the language institute get rid of a terrifying ghost? How can you and your friends break the spell cast over a birthday party? How can you save a dying tree from a vengeful spirit of nature? The goal is to complete the objective of each Quest while exhibiting a high level of language mastery in all interactions—and to enjoy the process of learning abroad!

Practice Spanish: Study Abroad is accessible online through McGraw-Hill Connect or directly through www.mhpractice.com. Practice Spanish: Study Abroad is available to students taking the Introductory Spanish course at participating institutions or can be played independently in self-study mode.

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With the phone app you can play fun, quick Mini-games to build your skills for the Quests. (Quests require PC, Mac or tablet.).