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What They're Saying About Practice Spanish: Study Abroad

"I will definitely use this in my online classes.  Students tend to fall to the wayside when they are left to study on their own, and this will be a way for them to study without realizing they are studying." ~ Michelle Forbes, Valdosta State University

"I will use it because I like the idea that students can learn from playing a game. I will use the game as a way to complement what students do in our basic language courses both in the classroom and at home. The game can be easily assigned to students as homework to be completed at home, or as an activity to be done at the language lab." ~ Alfredo J. Sosa-Velasco, Ph.D., Southern Connecticut State University

"It creates a competitive environment, it takes their learning beyond the classroom environment, and it promotes motivation and positive attitudes towards language learning." ~ Nuria R. López-Ortega, University of Cincinnati

"Essentially, we are breaking down the walls of the traditional classroom and are providing our students with the opportunity to have more meaningful interactions with the language. Practice Spanish will revolutionize our students' experience by motivating them to actively engage with core content in a 3-D rich learning adaptive environment." ~ Melissa Logue, author Practice Spanish: Study Abroad

"At McGraw-Hill Education, we've built our digital solutions with the understanding that digital, personalized learning in its many forms – adaptive technology, games and data-driven instruction – is simply the most effective way to learn. By tapping into the way today's students learn most successfully – including real-life simulations and the competitive elements of gaming – we are helping to improve student performance." ~ Stephen Laster, Chief Digital Officer McGraw-Hill Education

"What we do at McGraw-Hill Education and the mission we breathe every day is ultimately very simple: we help students accelerate their performance. McGraw-Hill's Practice Spanish is an incredible example of just this – an adaptive and gamified experience that enables students to engage and perform in their Spanish courses in ways never before possible." ~ Matt Busbridge, Executive Director of Digital Product Marketing

"Everyone knows that the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in the local country and culture. Practice Spanish: Study Abroad takes full advantage of Muzzy Lane's 3D technology, providing a powerful new virtual learning experience for students." ~ Dave McCool, CEO, President, & Co-founder of Muzzy Lane