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Quest 1: La Plaza
Meet your classmates and explore the town plaza
Quest 1 icon

  • greetings, Courtesy, and Other Expressions
  • numbers 0-30
  • people
  • interrogatives
  • Subject Pronouns and ser
  • Telling Time
  • Expressing Likes with gustar (Singular Forms and me, te, le)

Having just arrived in Colombia, the Player’s first task is to find the study abroad coordinator in the plaza. Along the way, the Player meets fellow students (David & Paloma) and together they explore the plaza searching for the coordinator. The students will be presented opportunities to purchase food and souvenirs and listen to a local musician. The Player will practice basic introductions and exchanges, and get to know his/her new cultural and linguistic surroundings.
Quest 2: El Instituto de Idiomas
Solve a mystery at the language Institute
Quest 2 icon

  • The university (Buildings, Classes, and People)
  • Classroom Objects
  • Days of the Week
  • Colors
  • Prepositions of Place
  • Common Regular Verbs
  • Gender and Number of Nouns
  • Adjective and Noun Agreement
  • Estar with Location
  • Present Tense of regular -ar, -er, and -ir Verbs

On the first day at the language institute, the Player meets another student and staff at the school and begins to explore the new academic environment. Friends and teachers will be instrumental in developing a plan to rid the school of La Mancarita, a spirit that haunts the halls of the institute.
Quest 3: Un almuerzo con la familia
Help with lunch and get to know your host family
Quest 3 icon

  • Family
  • Physical and Personality Traits (Adjectives)
  • States and Conditions (Adjectives)
  • numbers 30-100
  • Common irregular and Stem-changing Verbs
  • Present Tense of Stem-changing Verbs
  • Present Tense of Irregular Verbs
  • Ser + Adjectives (Characteristics)
  • Estar + Adjectives (States and Conditions)

A large Sunday lunch provides the Player the opportunity to get to know the host family better. To help the family prepare for the meal, the Player has to manage different family members’ requests, preferences, and agendas, so success in this quest depends on listening carefully and aiming to please.
Quest 4: Una telenovela
Co-star in a Colombian telenovela
Quest 4 icon

  • Clothing
  • Common Reflexive Verbs
  • Reflexive Verbs
  • Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns
  • Ser versus estar
  • Present Progressive

Fantasy, reality, and television blur together when the Player, during a dream, suddenly becomes a character in a telenovela. Thrown into the midst of a dramatic world of fashion design, back-stabbing, and romance, the Player has to stay calm, help a friend win a design challenge, and uncover the identity of the friend’s secret admirer.
Quest 5: El mercado
Shop at the market to make a traditional Colombian dish
Quest 5 icon

  • Food
  • Indefinite and Negative Expressions
  • Numbers 100+
  • In the Market
  • Impersonal/Passive se
  • Direct Object Pronouns
  • Comparisons
  • Future with ir a + Infinitive

The Player must help prepare a traditional meal by doing the shopping at the local market. The task is complicated by the Player’s pesky younger host brother (Pepito) and the vendors looking to bargain. The trip to the market will be a success if the Player manages to keep Pepito happy and to return home with all the ingredients before running out of cash.
Quest 6: Un crimen en el museo
Help solve a crime at the museum
Quest 6 icon

  • Art and Culture
  • Crime
  • Preterite: Regular Verbs
  • Preterite: Irregular Verbs

Art and culture are the focus of Quest 6, where the Player and his/her classmates play the role of detectives when a priceless artifact is stolen from the local museum. The Player may have unknowingly collected some valuable clues and evidence, and with the help of his/her classmates, will have to help piece together the mysterious crime and identify the thief.
Quest 7: Una fiesta sorpresa
Plan a surprising surprise party
Quest 7 icon

  • Celebrations
  • Weather
  • Common Verbs like gustar
  • Preterite: Review
  • Preterite: Stem-changing Verbs
  • Indirect Object Pronouns
  • Verbs like gustar

It’s David’s birthday! The Player collects clues about David’s likes and dislikes in order to surprise him with a very special celebration. Despite the Player's careful planning, there is an unexpected arrival at the party, and the Player must regain control of the festivities.
Quest 8: Los misterios del pueblo
A night out with friends may be thwarted by a mysterious presence
Quest 8 icon

  • Transportation and Urban Life
  • Adverbs of Time
  • Imperfect
  • Preterite versus Imperfect

The Player must decide whether to heed an ominous warning or make plans with friends for a fun evening out. Legends and mystical beliefs are important in this Quest, and the Player must remember that things are not always what they seem.
Quest 9: De vacaciones
Pick a destination and make your way there with your friends
Quest 9 icon

  • Nature and Geography
  • Trips and Travel
  • Formal Commands
  • Informal Commands
  • Present Perfect

The Player must learn about a number of travel destinations, select the best place to spend a vacation with friends, prepare for the trip, and coordinate travel arrangements. The Player will have to manage the travel budget and make decisions along the way to make sure the trip starts out well.
Quest 10: ¡Una emergencia médica!
Can you get your sick and injured traveling companions the help they need?
Quest 10 icon

  • Human Body
  • Health and Well-being
  • Subjunctive: Common Expressions (1)
  • Present Subjunctive: Influence, Emotion, Doubt, Denial, and Denial (Forms and Uses)

While on vacation, the Player’s friends fall ill and one experiences an injury. The Player must come to their aid, getting the necessary materials and medical attention in this new environment.
Quest 11: El árbol
Investigate the mystery of the town's dying tree
Quest 11 icon

  • Nature and Environment
  • Subjunctive: Common Expressions (2)
  • Indicative: Common Expressions
  • Present Subjunctive: Conjunctions of Time, Contingency, and Purpose
  • Present Subjunctive: Indefinite and Nonexistent Antecedents
  • Subjunctive versus Indicative
  • Por versus para

An ancient tree in the city center is dying and no one knows why. What starts out as a school report turns into an investigation into how to save the dying tree and what forces of nature might help the Player along the way.
Quest 12: La Carrera
Can you win the institute's end-of-semester treasure hunt?
Quest 12 icon

  • Spanish proverbs
  • Stresses of Student Life
  • Future
  • Hypothetical si Clauses: Past Subjunctive
  • Conditional

It’s the end of the semester, and to ease the stress of final exams, the teachers have planned a treasure hunt through the town. To win the race, the Player has to use his/her language skills and knowledge about the town to be the first to make it across the finish line.
Final Quest: La despedida final
It’s time to say goodbye to your time in Colombia!
Quest 13 icon

  • Review of Vocabulary from Quests 1-9
  • Review of Grammar from Quests 1-9
Note: This quest can be played at any point after quest 9. It will focus on the grammar points covered in 1-9 and will serve as the culmination of this study abroad experience.

As the time comes to pack up and say goodbye to Colombia, the Player’s final task is to introduce a new exchange student to her upcoming study abroad adventure. It becomes an opportunity to reminisce about everything the Player has learned abroad before heading home.